Aspiring PNC leaders must focus on free market principles
Stabroek News
January 29, 2002

Dear Editor,

From a self imposed exile, I reluctantly rejoin this forum to enter the now public debate on the PNC/R leadership, post H.D. Hoyte. This planned, periodic and promoted debate commenced with a typically untimely and uninspired yet revealing public declaration of war by Mr. A. Norton. Review of the now almost daily speculations, as contained in the editions of your newspaper, reveals a decidedly non progressive pattern of internal party matters being ventilated in the public arena. This can only be due to the existence of multiple factions jockeying for the "prize" which can only result in negative consequences to the PNC's constituency, to the benefit and amusement of the PPP/C and their supporters including some members of civil society.

Aspiring leaders, their proxies, disgruntled and disaffected former and some current party members and supporters need to be reminded of their responsibility to conduct required leadership debates in an environment that is characterized by the necessary objectives of definitively and conclusively addressing GuyanaÆs current sub standard governance. This should be done in a manner beneficial to national development, as opposed to what appears to be narrowly defined and self centered motives reportedly based in the urban center of Georgetown (and probably the geographic coverage areas of Georgetown based television stations?).

The only likely outcome of this politically immature and orchestrated strategy is the further weakening of any political advantage that the PNC/R retains viz. "Rescuing the Nation". Let there be no ambiguity, Guyana needs immediate salvation from its current political, economic and social morass.

The reality is that Mr. H.D. HoyteÆs leadership reflects the required focus on competence, national development and integrity of governance, with a fixation on the elimination of corruption. This is coupled with formidable intellect and sound economic

knowledge manifested in an embrace of free market economic principles which resulted in positive investment profiles of Guyana and significant direct investment in the Guyanese economy in the not so distant past. These achievements, which have been

aborted and disrupted by the PPP/C to the detriment of the nation, should be the guiding principles of the future PNC/R leadership cadre.

Given the parlous nature of the affairs of Guyana, immediate refocusing on these guiding principles of the current PNC/R leader should be the only clear and present objectives of the wannabee leaders who stand the risk of being ignored by their assumed constituency . Diversionary issues, as currently reflected in the public debate, can be construed as self serving and definitely contrary to the needs and immediate requirements of the PNC/R's constituency and indeed the future of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Allan Blackman