Dr Santosh was reinstated after he complied with the requirements of the medical council
Stabroek News
January 29, 2002

Dear Editor,

I note that Minister Ramsammy, who does not seem to understand that he has no authority to transfer the Medical Superintendent of the New Amsterdam Hospital as this authority is vested exclusively in the non existent Public Service Commission, continues to make misleading utterances.

It is understandable that an individual who does not appreciate that he has no authority to usurp the function of the PSC would not understand that his utterances and declarations do not in any way affect the legitimacy of the extant Medical Council.

For the benefit of the public and the profession, Dr. Parlaparti Santosh was reinstated only after he complied with the requirements of the Council. His reinstatement had nothing to do with Minister Ramsammy.

With respect to Dr. Nelson Sinclair, whose name was erased from the register on December 2001, despite approaching the court he remains off the register.

If Minister Ramsammy and his legal advisers truly believe that there is no Council in place, the proper course of action is not empty rhetoric but seeking a declaration from the Court to validate his assertions. His reluctance to do this coupled with the reluctance of his predecessor to have done it speaks volumes for the merits of his claims.

Finally, I hardly expected criticism on any matter from Mr. Ramsammy, who in violation of our Constitution, unlawfully sits in Parliament as he is a United States citizen.

Yours faithfully,

Walter Ramsahoye

Chairman, Medical Council of Guyana

Editor's note:

Dr Ramsammy holds dual citizenship. He says the issue about parliamentarians on both sides of the house who hold dual citizenship was raised with the Elections Commission prior to the last elections and it was ruled that they were eligible to compete.