Internet cafes provide a valuable service
Stabroek News
January 26, 2002

Dear Editor,

I am writing to support the people who operate internet cafes. They are offering an essential service to the general public at very affordable rates. Most Guyanese cannot afford a computer and these people have the courage to invest in this type of business, a very uncertain business.

I am a regular user of these facilities, I would never use GT&T to make any long distance calls, because I cannot afford to do so.

I once had a conversation with one of the owners about their business. The cost for providing a call to the USA is 10 cents US a minute maximum, he sells a 20 minute call for $500 Guyana. At 20 minutes x 10 cents US =$2.00 the equivalent in Guyana dollars is $380. Add rent, power, staff, GT&T dedicated link at over $160,000 per month I cannot see that they make any great profit.

Yours faithfully,

L. Liu