The minibuses don't have seat belts
Stabroek News
January 26, 2002

Dear Editor,

I applaud Minister Gajraj's recent decision to enforce and implement new traffic laws. How does the Traffic Department plan to enforce the use of seat belts in mini buses, the very vehicle of numerous deaths, when the mini buses are manufactured and imported without seat belts! Surely long term, rational and practical measures must be put in place, instead of responding under pressure to public outcry, initiated by the recent tragic loss of life to five teenagers.

Come on Minister Gajraj, take note. Last Thursday, the Atlantic Gardens home of Dan Vander Meer, CEO of Macorp was gutted. As though that wasn't bad enough, I was dismayed, though unfortunately not surprised, to hear from a reliable source that concerns over several missing valuable personal items, not destroyed by the fire, prompted the involvement of the police. A subsequent investigation unearthed some of the missing items (a cell phone, jewellery....) in a fire truck used to visit the premises earlier that afternoon!

I urge the Fire Chief to immediately launch an investigation into the theft of property from a citizen by no less than officials entrusted to defend and protect citizens. How disgraceful it would be if one has to consider whether firemen would further plunder, destroy and steal from our homes, even as we stand by helplessly and view our houses ablaze!

Yours faithfully,

Beverly Gonzalves