A balanced approach is necessary
Stabroek News
January 26, 2002

Dear Editor,

I read that Mr C.N. Sharma of CNS Channel 6 experienced a 'burst head' at the hands of assailants and I write to express sympathy. I also read that the police had been contacted and they are trying to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Ironically Sharma had always been a caustic critic of the police. He had never let up an opportunity to find fault with them or expose them to public ridicule and contempt. Not on a single occasion is Sharma known to have found the police authority a needed institution. Yet when thugs attack Sharma he suddenly discovers a need for the police and demands quick action from them.

Sharma's unfortunate experience and his reaction is the same with a lot of people. If the police did a thousand good things and they made one mistake people close their minds to all the good and they magnify all the bad until such time, of course, as they discover a personal need for the police.

I wish Sharma a speedy recovery and also that he recovers his sense of proportion. Though he makes a living vilifying the police he should vilify them for their mistakes and praise them for their virtues. Without the police Guyana cannot survive.

Yours faithfully,

Prince Michael