Women drivers take their time and observe the rules of the road
Stabroek News
January 25, 2002

Dear Editor,

I read with disbelief N. Jodhan's letter captioned "This is one of the easiest (driving) tests" [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] (SN 23.01.02) in which he said "I wondered who could write such a letter, until I saw it was a woman." What an attack! With all due respect, that is utter nonsense, to put it mildly.

There is a general misconception that females can't drive, which is obviously nothing more than a fabrication by the males to boost their own egos. Women are very careful road users who take their time and observe road rules. This is all to the frustration of some impatient, always-in-a-hurry, road raging, selfish and proud males. Please note the word some. Can you imagine how safe the road would be if men were banned from driving and riding? Imagine all the bus drivers being female. Most people would learn to be punctual and leave their houses earlier, knowing that the bus will not fly to town. Above all, no more vulgar blasting music!

No harm in fantasising.

Let's face it, most road accidents are not parking related, but speed related. I am very surprised that there are no existing seat belt laws in Guyana. Bus owners whose buses are involved in accidents where there are casualties should be held financially responsible. Overall, Guyana may see fewer accidents if people stop concentrating solely on getting in and out of sticks. Too much time is spent on that and very little on anything else. Too many people know to park, and very few know to drive. Men naturally have a thing for speed: Formula One, horseracing, motorbike racing not to mention aggressive 'sports' like cock fighting, pitbull fighting, boxing etc. This aggression extends to the road and makes it difficult for other road users to feel safe and comfortable on the road. People looking to 'ooze' their machismo should not be driving because they put everyone's life in danger, and they make a bad name for some otherwise good (fairly good) male drivers out there; with all due respect.

Yours faithfully,

Spiwe Bye