What happened to the stadium land at Diamond?
Stabroek News
January 22, 2002

Dear Editor,

The football Stadium fiasco brought shame on all those who were and are messing around with the present Guyana Football Federation leadership. The Honourable Minister of Sports is yet to give an explanation and we are awaiting her comments on why taxpayers must put money to football when the Guyana Football Federation is collecting US$250,000 annually from the FIFA.

Minister Teixeira is shouting loudly about the merging of the Georgetown Cricket Club and the Georgetown Football Club. This is another masquerade that will backfire on her.

The PPP/C took a correct decision to allocate one hundred and fifty acres of land at Diamond for the construction of a National Stadium. This idea received the blessing of the late President Cheddi Jagan and Minister Henry Jeffrey made the land available.

The then Prime Minister Mrs Janet Jagan turned the sod and mandated the chairman of the committee which was announced by the then Minister of Sports, Dr Dale Bishnauth to start work within twelve months.

Mrs Jagan was elected President of Guyana and her leadership appointed madam Gail Teixeira as Minister of Sport.

Despite several pleas from several National Sports Associations the Honourable Minister Teixeira never recognized all the efforts of her colleagues and the President.

The PPP/C Government must explain to this nation why they appoint a person to be Minister of Sport who knows little about sport and who does not listen and recognize people who have knowledge in sport.

Four years ago much work would have already been completed on the area and in another five years we would have been able to have a stadium.

Minister Teixeira must let this nation know what happened to the land at Diamond

Yours faithfully,

Football fan