We must all speak out against dangerous driving
Stabroek News
January 18, 2002

Dear Editor,

Everyone is saddened by the death of the young folks in the recent accident. It was indeed a tragic incident.

What gets me mad is that fingers are being pointed at the police force. This is wrong! We are all responsible for the road accidents that happen because of traffic violations.

We as a society encourage the lawlessness on the roads. The action leading up to this particular accident involved the request of a passenger to put a particular cassette into the deck.

Why haven't the political parties spoken out in a social commentary against the speed demons on the roads? Why haven't they condemned the behaviour on the roads? Why haven't the main Opposition Party spoken against the speeding on the roads. The Sophia road in front of Congress Place is a thoroughfare of mini buses racing. The drivers there are a law unto themselves.

It's one thing to criticize the police force for not doing their jobs but everyone has to play a role in ensuring that the laws are upheld. And by not speaking out against those who constantly break the laws and endanger the lives of many on the roadway, we

are silently condoning murder.

Linden has suffered tremendously from tragic accidents. Yet the people there continue to encourage the speeding on the roads. Don't we value our lives? Come on people, stop getting involved in petty politics and start addressing the issues that are


So come on political parties, stop criticizing and start doing something constructive. Ensure that those who use the roads do not violate the laws. Let us together make Guyana's roadways a safer place.

Yours faithfully,

Marvin Saville