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Stabroek News
January 17, 2002

Dear Editor,

The nation of Guyana should apply for statehood in the United States of America. Although there are many obstacles, I feel that the benefits to both of our countries would be great. It is a classic win win situation.

The people of Guyana would benefit the most. There would be enormous monetary gains. The government of the United States would invest huge sums for infrastructure, health and education. Private investors would be much more receptive to investing in Guyanese ventures, because of the stability provided by statehood. There would be a tremendous increase in eco tourism. And, the United States can handle the adventurism of the Venezuelans.

Before I answer what the United States would gain, let me remind everyone of Alaska. Alaska, when purchased from the Russians, was called "Seward's Folly" by its detractors. It was a huge sum of money (in those days) for what was perceived to be a frozen wasteland. Today, Alaska is one of the treasures of the United States. It has enormous natural resources and natural beauties. Both Americans and Alaskans benefited greatly from the union.

Guyana has the population of only a mid sized city (860,000). Yet, it offers great untapped natural resources. It has a virgin rain forest of approximately 100,000 square miles. Imagine setting aside half of that as a National Forest. That indeed would be one of the United States' greatest treasures.

I propose founding a non profit organization called "Guyana51" with the purpose of introducing the idea of statehood to the peoples of Guyana and the United States. We would educate them as to the benefits to be attained by both nations, And, we would make it happen. I would like to talk to anyone that is interested in making this grand idea become a reality.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Fenerty

lll55 Steeplepark Drive #l0l4

Houston, Texas 77065,