President Jagdeo's attitude to extra-judicial killings is callous
Stabroek News
January 17, 2002

Dear Editor,

After hearing the remarks and excuse President Jagdeo made at a press conference about extra-judicial killings I was very upset. The President's matter-of-fact attitude was insulting to those families who lost their loved ones.

I wonder what type of person would look at lives (over 130 lost) so cheap? I wonder if he believes in the Almighty or he thinks he is the Almighty to give judgement about life. Is he aware that in this country a man or woman is innocent until proven guilty?

What type of President would close his eyes and ignore the fact that the police force killed over 130 persons in 8 years - how can he defend young McGregor being shot by police while in his mother's home? How can he defend the police shooting Houston, Bruce and Grant in the back of their heads? How can he defend Bourne being shot by the police in front of his wife and children in his bed? How can a President defend these basic, true and bloody facts?

What type of leader can sit and see so many tears and turn his face? If he can behave in this way about life I wonder how much I can believe that he cares anything about the economic plight, which affects all our lives?

Mr Editor, the President owes those families an apology, some have lost their husbands, some have lost their sons, and some have lost their fathers.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Goveia, M.P