Seat belts may have saved these lives
Stabroek News
January 16, 2002

Dear Editor,

How much more consultation do we need to enforce existing legislation on speeding or implement new legislation for the compulsory use of seat belts? If either had been in force on Friday 11th January, Raju, Genneveia, Devika and Shenicka would be at school this morning, studying for their CXC's and possibly on their way to becoming the future leaders of a country lacking current ones.

Instead they leave grieving parents, who will never recover from losing their children in such a senseless manner, that could have been prevented if the politicians (both government and opposition) had got their act together. Surely at a time when it seems they can't agree on anything, this is one that has the support of all.

Mr President, Mr Hoyte, Mr Gajraj, Mr McDonald, Mr Trotman, please stop talking and promising or explaining what you can't do and do what you can. Seat belts and reducing excessive speed will not solve the entire problem, but it is certainly not a bad start.

I would also like to ask the Chancellor if she is in agreement with the tap on the wrists that were given to the two youths who were drag racing on Vlissengen Road and casually snuffed out the lives of two young men on their way home from work. Should we not be sending stronger messages than those they can smile at?

Yours faithfully,

Beverley Harper