Don't inject race into police brutality
Stabroek News
January 14, 2002

Dear Editor,

The most sensitive phenomenon in our society, which has explosive potential, is racial conflict. Those of us who have experienced the sixties are all too wary about the need to defuse the slightest attempt at inciting this kind of trouble.

It was the height of irresponsibility for the PNC/R to inject this question of race when they attempted to condemn alleged police brutality. A press statement was read in which quite clearly an allegation was leveled at the police for practicing racial bias in the recent shooting of a citizen.

The reader of the press statement Raphael Trotman may not have been born when the racial conflict was raging, so that the impact of racial strife may be lost on him. Mr Hoyte should know better.

Can we really afford to have this kind of exploitation by two leading political aspirants without condemnation?

Yours faithfully,

David deGroot