Bridges are being dealt with under another project
Stabroek News
January 11, 2002

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday January 9, 2002, your paper carried a letter penned by a Mr Roy Khan on the IDB funded road project which to say the least is misinformed, so in the interest of clarity permit me to edify Mr Khan. The first comment by the writer seems to suggest that we are not addressing the bridges between Georgetown and Mahaica, well in a sense he is correct since we are addressing all bridges between Timehri to Rosignol, and not only those between Georgetown and Mahaica, under another IDB funded project. This project has already started, the designs completed and Lot 1 (62 of the worst structures between Timehri and Rosignol, including Mahaica and Mahaicony) will be replaced this year. So Mr Khan we are going to be addressing the bridges that you mention.

The writer went on to give the impression that the Greater Georgetown Development Plan included the plan for the proposed new highway from Soesdyke to Georgetown and questions the need for the feasibility study. The Greater Georgetown Development Plan only mentions the new highway, it does not detail its construction or whether or not it is feasible to locate the entrance/exit at Ogle, Mon Repos, Mandela Avenue or any other location. The purpose of a feasibility study is to have all of the issues examined and to weigh each suggestion for its merits and to determine which option will give us the most economic benefit. It will also address issues such as land acquisition, the type of soils, the type and size of road needed. It will also include the designs and the preparations of the tender documents for the construction of the new highway. The Greater Georgetown Development Plan does not address the Soesdyke/Georgetown bypass road, it only caters for it.

On the issue of the railway embankment road, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications is not responsible for the road being used for two-way traffic. The determination for traffic routing/enforcement is the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs as is the task of placing traffic signs. I just hope that this letter has served to clarify some of the issues that Mr Khan has raised and we would be willing to clarify any other questions you may have.

Yours faithfully,

Ajay Baksh

Public Relations Consultant

Ministry of Public Works and