I am willing to wage the ideological debate
Stabroek News
January 10, 2002

Dear Editor,

It is woefully evident that there is a growing number ofcontributors and readers who would simply like to wish me away. This is manifest in the recent tirades by the so-called 'three bewildered expatriates' and one Abdul Rahim-Forde who it will appear is no more than an apologist of the Castro regime.

Make no mistake but I have dug my heels in and am adequately prepared and willing to wage the continued ideological debate. There are indeed some serious economic and social problems confronting Guyana as rightfully stated by the Islamic militant - Abdul Rahim-Forde. However in the same vein it is painfully obvious that he has not afforded any consideration to the obvious facts that these seemingly insurmountable and intractable problems stemmed in the first place from the backward and rather dotish policies being imposed upon this nation by the government.

Today, thanks in large measure to a jumbie brew of socialism, Guyana and Guy-anese find themselves eclipsing Haiti for the infernal claim to being the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.On the issue of Israel, Mr. Chickrie (8.l.2002) went as far as characterising me as being 'Israel's mouthpiece in Guyana' and said that I must prove that there were indeed Guyanese Muslims receiving training in Libya. Evidently, Mr. Chickrie must be in the dark about what used to take place involving Libyan diplomats then here.

Israel will continue to patrol its borders and protect its citizens. It will continue to ultilise The Mossad and Shin Bet in ensuring its long-term security objectives are achieved. Naturally, it does seek a lasting peace with the Palestinians but not until Chairman Arafat can credibly restore control to his 'toy state' by putting away the murderers behind 'Hamas' and 'Islamic Jihad'. No one can ever deny the illustrious contributions of the Jewish people to the development of our world. What was done to them during the Second World War will never be permitted to repeat itself. Long live Eretz Israel!

Yours faithfully,

Mike Singh