Mr Singh should give details of the Muslims who went to Libya
Stabroek News
January 8, 2002

Dear Editor,

I refer to the letter by Mike Singh captioned "General Pinochet stood up for his beliefs" (Jan 3rd, 2001).I urge Mr. Singh to prove his statement that "many Guyanese Muslims went to Libya to receive military or ideological training." How many went? What did they do in Libya? What military training did they receive? I am aware that Libya founded the Guyana Islamic Trust. Libya did not export terror or train our local Muslims in "military or ideological training." Mr Singh makes a lot of noise without an iota of evidence. Mr Qadaffi was busy promoting his Green Socialist Book/Green Revolution. He was never an Islamist. Politics and religion do not go well in Libya. The man in Tripoli has long embraced secularism. I am not aware of any Fateh Centre in Guyana. What rubbish is this. Mr. Singh is jealous of the great relationship Muslims in Guy-ana have with the state. He would like to instill scare tactics to bring the so-called war against terrorism to Guyana. All governments of Guyana have embraced the PLO, a Palestinian State and Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab land. Muslims are "part and parcel" of Guyana's cultural and political landscape. They will influence the government, not the Zionist machines. Mr. Singh should realize that he can't change the cultural/religious landscape of Guyana.

Mr. Singh wrote, "Ambassador Zehdi Terzi (then the PLO's Envoy to the UN) had a series of secret meetings in Guyana with many of these persons in early 1984 whilst visiting Guyana." It is normal for an Ambassador to hold meetings. However Mike Singh, the mouthpiece for Israel in Guyana, wants to link Guyanese Muslims with terror. He uses every opportunity to take cheap swipes at our people. Instead it will do him better to write a book on Israeli State sponsored terrorism, which he is so proud of.

Yours faithfully,

Raymond Chickrie