PNC/R once had active party groups
Stabroek News
January 7, 2002

Dear Editor,

I wish to add my voice to the call of my good friend Aubrey Norton for Desmond Hoyte to resign as Leader of the PNC/R. It was rather refreshing to see a party member summoning the courage to make a public call for the resignation of the man who has singlehandedly presided over the destruction of a once dynamic poltical institution. Mr Hoyte through his outmoded hegemonistic practices is on a fast track to political irrelevance. In a democratic society, there must be active participation by the broad membership in the decision processes that affect their welfare and well being. Unfortunately, the days of the PNC/R as an activist political institution are long gone. Congress Place seems to be the only place where meaningful political activity takes place and only those hand picked by the leadership are allowed to participate in the formulation and implementation of policies and practices that determine the direction in which the party should go.

As a national institution the PNC/R once had active party groups in every Region of this country. There were mechanisms through which the voices of the masses were heard and their views, ideas and needs were major factors in the development and articulation of party policy.It is time that we return to our roots and give the party back to the people. In order for that to happen Mr. Hoyte needs to resign as Leader and hand the party over to those who can organise and mobilise the energies of the membership into a vibrant and relevant political opposition.

As the New Year dawns we need a breath of fresh air, we need men and women possessed of great energy, people of vision who have the nation's interest at heart and are unafraid to be inclusive as we struggle to rescue our beloved nation from the path of self destruction that the PPP/C has taken us.

In closing , I wish to thank Mr. Hoyte for his services to the nation and party and to urge him to resign sooner rather than later, thus paving the way for more enlightened leadership to lead the struggle for the rebuilding of our native land.

Yours faithfully,

Donald Ainsworth