Mike Singh's diatribes are not relevant
Stabroek News
January 7, 2002

Dear Editor,

I would like to suggest that Mr Mike Singh has a convoluted sense of his own importance to both world politics and to the Guyanese public. For example, who cares whether Mr Singh is a subscriber to the theory of power politics. The only power Guyanese are interested in at this time is a consistent supply from GPL. Who knows or cares about Mc Carthy? Of what importance is he to the development of Guyana and its peoples? The answer is simple, Mr Singh, can't you see that your contribution to the political debate in Guyana is irrelevant, that is why it has failed to generate any debate. Guyana desperately needs the import of new ideas.

While the country is mired in deep economic and social problems, Mr Mike Singh continues to foist his diatribes on the Guyanese people, ninety per cent of whom have no idea of the genesis of the Palestinian problem or care, and whose major concern is making it easy for themselves and families.

Does Mr Singh need to be reminded that his favourite terrorist, Chairman Arafat, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, something which his hero Ariel Sharon will never come close to attaining. Could this terrorism expert explain to the interested ten per cent of Guyanese how does one move from the highest levels of international acclaim to becoming a terrorist? Or why Bill Clinton saw it fit to have this terrorist many times over at the White House and at Camp David? Or why this terrorist is received in the capitals of Europe and Sharon dare not put his foot on European soil? These are the real issues to be addressed Mr Singh.

Pre-Castro Cuba was a playground for US interests. No serious development, prostitution, drug running, gambling, exploitation of land and economic and industrial slavery was the order of the day. Today, in spite of over forty years of what could be considered to be virtual economic blackmail, Cuba has one of the best health systems in the world, Singh would not tell you that even US citizens go there for treatment of certain diseases. Why did the former world famous soccer superstar Diego Maradona choose to go to Cuba for treatment? This is a country that offers the services of its medical personnel to remote parts of this world to bring relief to suffering peoples. This is a country with the best sports system in the Southern Hemisphere. Imagine what the removal of that embargo will do to the Cuban people. When Guyana recognized Cuba some decades ago, there was a big hue and cry. Today, the entire Caricom is benefiting from valuable scholarships from Cuba. Mr Singh can rail all he wants, Cuba was put here by Allah, and all the Singhs of this world will never remove that fact. If Mr Singh wants to talk real politik, he should let us know why the US government has granted permanent economic status to The People's Republic of China, a country with has a similar political system to Cuba. Soon, as in the case with China, the US will be forced by commonsense, like the rest of the world has already done to deal with this reality.

The Guyanese people need sound, solid advice that they can use to better this society. We can do without Mr Singh's outdated worldview. Overseas based Guyanese have a vital role to play in the reconstruction of this country either through direct assistance or through advising or criticising the government of the day. In this regard Mr Singh is irrelevant.

Finally, Muslims are looking closely at which party Singh aligns himself with and will vote accordingly.

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Rahim Forde