Imported bread crumbs? - They're crazy
Stabroek News
January 5, 2002

Dear Editor,

Is it true, as one letter writer reported, that we are actually importing coconut milk, banana chips and bread crumbs into Guyana? ("Imports are cheaper than locally produced items", Stabroek News December 28, 2001).

Strange things have happened in this society. At one time, even while we were producing good quality sugar and rice for export, we were importing low grade sugar and rice.

We continue to be a nation without national pride. Importing bread crumbs is worse than eye pass. Soon we may start importing fibre, plantain chips, lime juice, cassava bread, coconut water and Buxton spice mangoes. It is ridiculous. We are allowing people to give us trash to eat in the name of imported stuff.

Anyone who tries to get me to use imported coconut milk or banana chips will get a real Guyanese response.

Imported bread crumbs? Oh crumbs! They have gone crazy.

Yours faithfully,

Lennox Lancaster