Haven for entitled mediocrity To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
May 22, 2002

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Perhaps, until and unless we create a meritocracy, this nation will continue to be a haven for entitled mediocrity, institutionalised security, and the big happy family mentality.

In a meritocracy, people at all levels can earn the right to participate, the freedom and confidence to challenge, influence, innovate, decide and lead. Skill level, not only loyalty and status, count the most. As such there is a serious (but friendly competition) for power. And because everybody can succeed, oneís position in the hierarchy has no protection from anotherís abilities or good ideas.

A meritocracy develops confident and independent leaders with many different skills and styles. This new leadership style is born of the idea that people of lesser status may know more about something than you do. We can therefore expect a healthy level of creative confrontation; the kind that keeps people sharp and inventive.

In a meritocracy, peopleís greatest reward is seeing his or her ideas implemented. Thatís often a more important compliment than money. It is important also to praise the achievements of others publicly, since this will send a message to the slackers and the timid in the various organisations.

If competence and conscience are to be restored to Government, Business and Society alike, we must banish the myth of the one big happy family and replace it with ability and constructive contributions. If not we will continue to go through a cycle of paralytic fear and evil once again, and again until the lesson is learned.