Double standard of the PNC/ Reform To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
May 20, 2002

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The People’s National Congress/Reform (PNC/R) is fond of complaining that its motions have not been put on the Order Paper of the National Assembly for consideration and debate.

Well, the motion by Mrs. Deborah Backer on the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into matters concerning the Police Force came up for consideration in the Assembly on May 09, 2002.

Mrs. Backer’s motion makes “allegations of brutality and extra-judicial killings (which) have gone without proper or no investigation and prosecution” against the Target Special Squad, popularly known as the Black Clothes Police. The motion calls on the President to set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Leadership functions and defectiveness of the Guyana Police Force.

When the motion was called, the PNC/R Opposition members were not there to move it because of their continuing boycott of Parliament. The PNC/R cannot have it both ways, for example complaining about the work of Parliament in relation to its motion, but at the same time not being there to proceed with its concerns.

It is most likely that the PNC/R will continue to complain about the functioning of Parliament and mislead its supporters. This is the double-standard which has characterised the affairs of the major opposition party and which has ensured that the people have not put their trust in them to form another Government.

The Opposition party does not learn from its mistakes. Instead of implementing a principled strategy to win over floating votes so as to enhance its electoral chances, that party refers to follow the path of destruction in pursuit of its objectives. It is not unmindful that its policies are creating a huge chasm in this country. If it were a truly patriotic party, with the general welfare of the people uppermost in its mind, it would never engage in actions which would make national reconciliation more difficult, despite the alleged provocations of the Government.

It all goes to show the hollow nature of PNC/R allegations, which hold no substance. But the PNC/R is not interested in rationale; it is hell-bent on regaining power, regardless the cost.