Guyanese must be mindful
Guyana Chronicle
April 25, 2002

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It is amazing that policemen of Guyana can be gunned down, and our nationals seem not to care. First, it was Superintendent Leon Mark Fraser and now its Sergeant Kooseram. It is apparent that nothing is being done to capture the criminals. What about the lives of these two officers and there families? Has Guyana become the Wild West where you can take lives and be worshiped? Some of the narrow-minded people of Guyana still find it necessary to rejoice at his death. Take a look at what has been taking place in Guyana since his death. It saddens me to know that I can no longer feel safe coming to Guyana. If you talk to 10 overseas based Guyanese 9 of them would tell you "I don't know when Guyana will see me again." This is going to hurt the economy. Ask the people who rejoice at his death if they know the consequences of celebrating criminal acts. Has anyone considered Superintendent Fraser's children? Let me tell you about the son. I know him personally, he is a straight A student. He is in the gifted programme and can attend college during his summer break. Someone took away the opportunity for Mr. Fraser to live to see his son grow into the man he wanted him to become. How many of us are capable of producing such a child? One of these days his children will need to have all these questions answered. I would also like to have these answers because Superintendent Fraser gave his life so that decent and honest people in Guyana could live in peace. Concerned Overseas Guyanese