New measures needed to help cinema industry
Guyana Chronicle
April 18, 2002

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It may not seem to be a problem for many, but if laws, regulations and new measures are not put in place quickly, the cinema industry might as well say its last good-bye and we will just have to be content with entertainment in our living rooms on DVD's or video cassettes.

I bring this to your attention, because the movie `Rat Race' will have its premier in Guyana on April 17, at the Astor along with `Dude, where's my car". However, `Rat Race' was shown on Channel 9 on Monday, April 15.

One of the problems voiced by cinema owners, was the showing of films by television stations before they are shown at the local cinemas. Whenever this happens there is little likelihood, that potential patrons would want to go to the cinema to see the movie.

It is unfortunate that the television owners and the advertisers knowingly contribute to the downslide of a once vibrant and viable industry.