Disgusting and discriminating
Guyana Chronicle
April 17, 2002

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I am appalled at Mr Lori Alexander's comments and what he entertains on his call-in programma "Things Nah Regula' Monday night about the new Miss Guyana/Universe Mia Rahaman.

To see a man of his intelligence stoop to that level is shocking.

Mr Alexander always claims he is against discrimination, and yet he discriminates against Miss Rahaman. He called her `Too Fat' and allowed callers to call her a fridge, and well covered". And did not entertain callers to support her; he cuts them off. That is bias. Mr Alexander, what is wrong with Miss Rahaman? Because she had more flesh than normally expected in pageants? Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she intelligent?

Guyanese should be proud to send her to represent our country and to show the world that thin is not always beautiful, and that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. To make such a statement at such a highly acclaimed pageant will make people around the world very proud. I think your platform should be about discrimination because right now Guyanese are being discriminated against and it is happening all round the world very boldly.

Mr Alexander also made a remark about Miss Petal DeSantos, "her face has lots of pimples and should not be there.

The only face that should not be there is yours Mr Alexander on television. Why are you so bitter about this pageant? It is because:

1. your pageant that you promoted/organised was a total failure. You just can't stand someone else doing better.

2. you were not involved in the Miss Guyana Pageant.

For those who did not appreciate the pageant, here is a piece of advice "next time stay out and shut up?

Shame on you Mr Alexander, shame on you.

Congratulations! Miss Rahaman. We are proud of you.

Good luck!