Don't make a mockery of the Police Force
Guyana Chronicle
April 16, 2002

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DUE to the high incidence of alleged Police brutality, the Guyana Police Force Target Special Squad should be accompanied with video cameras on their missions.

This should do away with all forms of accusations of Police brutality since the cameras will be rolling when suspects are being apprehended.

The price of these cameras compared to the cost of street protests will remain insignificant.

Let the nation judge from these videos who are the real heroes and who are the villains.

Documentation of all the victims should be done. The aftermath of heinous crimes should not be tucked away and forgotten.

We must realise why the Target Squad cannot be dismantled. A picture is worth a thousand words.

How many of the victims have begged and cried for mercy, only for the criminals to squash their lives out without giving two hoots?

These victims do not have the Guyana Human Rights Association or political parties to protest their demise.

Only the silent majority under mumbled breaths, ask for an answer to the end to this charade.

We should appeal as a nation for the families of criminal elements to turn their loved ones over to the law before harm is done to them.

Let us give them a chance to live their wretched lives behind bars.

Don't make a mockery of the Police Force. How many more policemen and women must be slaughtered before they can defend themselves from attackers?

Criminal elements have for too long had the upper hand, both from the spoils of their murderous exploits to the political clout and adoration of some.

When the Golden Arrow Head can be used as a cover for the coffin of an infamous killer without charges of treason being brought against the perpetrators, then something is wrong with our nation.

Such acts should not go unheeded and dusted under mats.

This is war - a war against crime, and those who assist the nation's enemies in times of war are guilty of treason and should be brought to justice.