Showing his true colours
Guyana Chronicle
April 10, 2002

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It is difficult to understand the views and vision of the people who are trying to paint a good picture of Raphael Trotman for the leadership of the PNC when he himself goes on Television regularly to preach and support and promote the PNCís racist propaganda and encouragement of confrontation with the legally and democratically elected PPP/Civic government.

The party, Stabroek News and others are bent on painting a good picture of him but cannot fool the people who have heard and are hearing his statements which he makes on a regular basis.

When he had joined the party many felt he was going to make a change and improve the image of the party, which it is badly in need of, but sadly enough it did not take very long for Trotman to show his true colours and bare his fangs preaching confrontations with the government and law-enforcement agencies.

It would be a very bad thing for our country if a person like Raphael Trotman acceded to high political office such as leader of the Opposition.
Petal Garcia