Part of a coordinated plan
Guyana Chronicle
April 8, 2002

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THE PNC/Reform obviously feels that things have been too quiet long enough, the country is making progress and the potential for the future keeps increasing so they once again with their satellites want to disturb and otherwise halt this progress. It cannot go without comment that at the time they have put the dialogue on hold and are walking out of Parliament, the GPSU is once again threatening strike action. This is obviously all a part of their coordinated plan to raise the political temperature again as per their agenda.

Their objective is to upset, delay and otherwise create obstacles to progress and it is well known and established that they are not concerned with the consequences of their actions.

The PNC/Reform is again raising their menu of grievances like if they are playing on a piccolo, first one thing then another. They are telling us now that it is the Central Executive which has made the decision to put the dialogue process on hold; so what about the powers of the leader?

We have been hearing President Jagdeo being criticised because allegedly he cannot exercise presidential powers as he is directed from Freedom House and by an alleged 'gang of eight.'

Is Hoyte and the PNC/Reform actually now telling us the Guyanese people that in the unlikely event he becomes president he will be directed from Congress Place in his duties as President and possibly by a gang of an unspecified number?

We have been making progress in this country under President Jagdeo's leadership and the PPP/Civic government and we have great potential for the future. The dialogue process was something we as Guyanese did ourselves without any outside intervention. It is a Guyanese thing and this is very, very important.

In spite of some delays most people feel that tremendous progress has been made and that the dialogue should remain in place.