What about the slaying of Fraser?
Guyana Chronicle
April 8, 2002

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Please permit me space in your paper. Questions. What is Mr. Hoyte saying about the shooting to death of Supt. Leon Fraser? What did Mr. Hoyte say about the killing of the 21-year-old Prison Officer? What did Mr. Hoyte say about the shooting of Roxanne Whinfield? All of the above were killed or injured in the line of duty. Does he only speak when criminals arekilled?

I am not hearing the Guyana Human Rights Association speaking out about criminal brutality, only police brutality. Let me paint a scenario, an overseas based Guyanese returns to Guyana and is killed by bandits. Neither Mr. Hoyte nor the GHRA will speak out or condemn the acts of criminals. But when the police kill these same criminals, they will say POLICE BRUTALITY.

A lot of Guyanese are scared to travel to Guyana because of the high crime rate. Mr. Hoyte, only the criminals have rights in Guyana? What did Linden London do to deserve the Golden Arrow Head being draped on his coffin? Are you telling the young people in Guyana, it is ok to kill, and rob people for the meager shillings that they sweat for? Come on Mr.Hoyte ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Mr. Hoyte, it is time to back off and let the Police do what they have to do.
If you cannot make constructive criticism, do like what my Grandfather would say STAN-EASY.
Linden Drakes