Be sensitive and reasonable
Guyana Chronicle
April 8, 2002

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AS USUAL the Talk Show Hosts are at it again. They are desperately trying to satisfy/feed their inquisitive minds and at the same time trying to throw the public off the right course stipulated by the correct authorities by pronouncing on a situation where speculation is their main source of information.

I am referring to the Leon Fraser killing, which is currently on their agenda, and no doubt, given their reaction and past comments, the majority of them are celebrating his death.

Further, what is not surprising to me is that they are vigorously embarking on a speculation campaign to determine what they think really happened, and if it did in the way they wanted it to.

And what is not astonishing is that Mr. Basil Bradshaw (being his usual self) is relying on rumours emanating from the street corners as his main source of information.

Confidentiality of the Police Force and Police investigation in general are essential and vital to the entire operation of the Force. So how can persons want to have information as it materialises from the Police about the shooting of Mr. Leon Fraser?

In any investigation information is confidential until the case is closed. Therefore, any information to the public and particularly the Talk Show Hosts should be on a need-to-know basis.

The Police Force already has a number of issues to deal with without having the public through these individuals, compromise their investigations.

Come on Mr. Bradshaw and others, be a little sensitive and reasonable. You claim to be intelligent so let us see you put some of that intelligence into action and advise your viewers on the proper way of doing things. Follow the Kaieteur News and advise persons to rally together with the Police Force to combat crime instead of lamenting on a situation, which is out of your league.
Sabrina Edwards.