Consequences on crime in Guyana
Guyana Chronicle
April 5, 2002

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The shooting to death of Senior Superintendent Leon Fraser is not without controversy and mixed emotion by the Guyanese public. For the most part, persons in the society were rejoicing at the news.

But I don’t think that any of these persons celebrating stopped to think of the consequence on crime in Guyana. This is not merely a death of a “bad” cop but signals the downward direction the criminal minds are taking in view of the fact that they will automatically feel the “most feared cop is dead so now we can do as we like.”

However, in the sentiments of the Minister of Home Affairs who warned criminal elements that the death of Fraser would not weaken the Force’s resolve to bring them to justice, I will like to also express to the general criminal population the same feeling.

And further in quoting the Minister, to let the criminals know that “Leon Fraser was not the only officer who was dedicated to fighting crime.”

And perhaps the most important issue of concern of most Guyanese is the fact that other criminals may feel that the force is crippled by this death.

But as the Minister of Home Affairs, who has responsibility for the Guyana Police Force said, “the death of Fraser would obviously serve as an incentive for other ranks to resolve to fight crimes…”

Let it not be mistaken, the force will rally together and rise again stronger and better than before.
Sabrina Edwards.