Replacing Hoyte
Guyana Chronicle
March 27, 2002

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I have read with amusement the letters written by Messrs. S. Aly and Simone Suraj appearing in the letter section of Saturday’s Chronicle. I was so amused that I stopped and wondered what on earth I was reading.

For your information my friends apparently both of you are sleeping and ought to wake up from your slumber. Are you guys really serious about what you are saying? If you are, then you were probably not only sleeping now but have been sleeping since the sixties to 1992.

Bear in mind, you are not speaking about another party but that of the PNC my friends. I am old enough to speak with authority when it comes to those days of dictatorial rule by the PNC. What the people in Guyana have gone through because of the Power Struggle within the PNC - a party that ruled Guyana with an iron fist for all those years you would never ever want to have any of those days back. You can very well say that democracy is crying when it comes to the doorsteps of the PNC.

Suggesting a change within the PNC is like asking someone to jump over Kaieteur Falls, least to say appointing Cammie Ramsaroop as Leader. You guys got to be joking my friends. Probably a next generation not in this one. I am positive that Cammie is not senile. I know he is a bit on the old side but to go to the extreme would be a little too much. I know for sure that he has not lost his memory forgetting the names like Walter Rodney, Vincent Teekah and others.

I am 1000% sure that if Cammie Ramsaroop is to be approached with your suggestion the only forthcoming answer would be “ man me too old now, gee them young boys a chance”. It is not that he too old but he is not senile. Look, let’s be honest, we are not speaking about members of the PPP/C party but that of the PNC, I would not attempt to put the R at the back of it because the R has no meaning.

Hoyte intends to hold on to the reins until he walks with a cane because he know that his image is damaged beyond repair both locally and internationally which leaves him no alternative. Hoyte will have to voluntarily bow out of the leadership and not voted out my friends. Don’t forget he is a scholar from the old teacher Burnham.

I will continue this reply a next day because there is so much to contribute to my friends’ letters.