Filthy language and garbage Editorial
Guyana Chronicle
March 26, 2002

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I wholeheartedly endorse the letter by Rosemary Hopkinson.

Courtesy and respect and manners seem to be thing of the past for Guyana and Guyanese. I have noticed the arrival of Guyanese in the US and Canada over the last 35 years and the attitudes and behaviour seem to get worse with every new group.

Ask all the Guyanese who used to surf the message board on the Guyana Website. It used to be a place where you could find long lost relatives and friends and have meaningful discussions and exchange nostalgic reminiscences. Now it is a sewer of filthy language and garbage. Linda Williams talks of Rosa Parks and boycotts. What is she telling the Guyanese to boycott?

The Airlines? Perhaps she has another way of getting them out. To get respect, you have to show respect. The Rosa Parks story is not applicable to Guyana in any form. She is confusing apples with oranges. In these days of severe cutbacks by the airlines, Guyana is lucky that a few airlines are still flying there.

In the US many beautiful airline terminals are now empty and travellers in some areas have to drive very far distances to get a flight. Guyanese must understand that when they leave Guyana they must leave their bad habits and behaviour behind them. No one else has to put up with their nonsense, especially in these times.
P. Khan
Florida, USA