Mr. Gaul deserves an Apology
Guyana Chronicle
March 25, 2002

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I'm an overseas-based Guyanese. Over the past two weeks I've read with great interest the miss treatment and harassment of a Guyanese aboard a BWIA flight in Barbados. I must say that BWIA management has a right to defend their company at all cost.

This incident like many others is just the tip of the Iceburg. Many Guyanese all over the Caribbean that use BWIA, have fallen victim to the airline's staff abuse, but management does very little or nothing at all to address the problem until this recent incident. Some Of the Airline's staff are rude, un-cooperative and care less about how to treat passengers, especially Guyanese. I see no harm, disrespect or security breach if a person voices his concern about the inconvience of boarding from the rear of the aircraft. I bet if this person happened to be a Trinidadian, the situation and the outcome might have been handled differently. Mr. Jerry Gouveia has good points in the interest of security. But were any flight crew or passengers in danger? Not at all.

I am calling on all Guyanese to boycott BWIA International, until we Guyanese can get better treatment and respect for the contributions we have made to this airline's financial stability. We have other airlines we can use, namely Caribbean Star, North American etc. We must take a stand now and resist this type of ill treatment.

I hope the management of BWIA realises the ramifications this incident might have on the Airline in the weeks and months to come. More so, at a time when air Travel is on a decline worldwide. To the management of BWIA, you have been put on notice, train your staff in better customer service or your Airline will suffer. "You can improve your performance by improving your attitude." It is in the best interest of your airline.

There are lots of other airlines willing to take your place. I believe that Mr. Gaul deserves an apology from BWIA International and the Government of Barbados, and some form of compensation from BWIA if they claim to be "a compassionate airline".
Overseas Based Guyanese