Idiotic and nonsensical
Guyana Chronicle
March 25, 2002

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I read an article purportedly written by C.N. Sharma and I saw a response by someone who among other things asked who was writing Sharma's articles for him because of his known difficulties with the English language.

Today I read another article I must say purportedly written by Sharma and now in addition to the question asked as to who is writing for him I felt constrained to ask the question who is thinking for him but on second thought most likely the nonsense contained in the article must have emanated from Sharma's "mind".

The first nonsense says that the budget can best be described as a speech. How idiotic can he get? Isn't it always and always have been a Budget Speech? Has it ever been described as anything else?

The next nonsense which he mentions is that the Public Sector workers received no increases in wages and salaries and that years ago under the PNC the workers used to anticipate and get an increase in salary. We must expect Sharma to tell us about the PNC which is his real party; the Justice For All party is only a cover.

Under the days of the PNC the workers had no rights and had to take what the new 'Massa' decided to give them. Today however under this government the rights under the democratic system of Collective Bargaining were restored and the workers through their representative unions are once again able to bargain for improved wages and conditions of work. It would have been very wrong for the government to decide on what to pay out before the process of collective bargaining has been initiated and concluded.

Sharma won't tell us of course that under the PNC the minimum wage was $ 3,182 per month while now it is $ 20,045 per month. The income tax threshold also went from $4,000 to $ 18,000 per month.

My letter is getting too long dealing with Sharma's "points'' so let me deal with one more thing.

He says that at a post-budget briefing government officials said that measures contained in the budget are inadequate. So which budget in any country is ever adequate? Especially in Guyana where the PPP/Civic government has to deal with the devastation and poverty left behind by the PNC?

And these days with the new freedom and democracy, Government officials can speak their minds without fear of victimization.
Kathleen Sheriff