No respect for rules
Guyana Chronicle
March 23, 2002

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The Gaul affair has confirmed to me that Caribbean people have no respect for Caribbean rules and authority, and that Guyanese behaviour is symptomatic of a deep social ill. I am sure that if Mr Gaul had been asked by Swedish authorities to disembark a Swedish plane, he would have done so immediately (better yet, he would not have been abusive and loud to the crew). He would have been in a Swedish jail.

Another thing, we Guyanese should stop whimpering and crying that nobody likes us and ask ourselves why? Could it be that they refuse to tolerate the crass, crude lawless behaviour and total disrespect for authority that passes in Guyana for the norm.

As to BWIA my advise to them would be to grant some peopleís wish and stop flying to Guyana, and let this country be isolated from the rest of the world. (Face it, they are the only airline that stayed in the 1980ís when everyone else ran from Guyana).

How come no other reputable airline like Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways or Virgin Atlantic want to fly here if it is so profitable? They all turn around in either Trinidad or Barbados. Again the question is why?

Guyanese wake up and realise that we are our worst enemies, and if we donít face up to it now we are doomed.