Cammie should be next leader
Guyana Chronicle
March 23, 2002

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I am writing this letter because of the numerous letters that have been appearing in the Stabroek News and Chronicle newspapers, in relation to a new leader for the PNC Party.

As a very strong supporter of the PNC, I must say that Mr Hugh Desmond Hoyte has indeed made great and tremendous contributions to the development of this country. Indeed he is like a true statesman and that is evident from his commitment and dedication to the party and the country as a whole, even at 74 years of age.

The time is fast approaching for this great man to hang up his political cap. Over the past months several names for possible replacement have been appearing but the real and correct choice should be Mr Cammie Ramsaroop. Mr Ramsaroop is an experienced, qualified and committed politician. The time has come for the PNC leadership to allow and East Indian to head the Party because he would be able to attract other East Indians.

Mr Ramsaroop had a very impressive record as a Minister in the PNC Government. The upcoming congress will be an important one and if Mr Ramsaroop gets the leadership it would be the first major battle that the PNC would have won. The second one that they would win is the next General elections. This is my winning team; leader - Cammie Ramsaroop, Vice Chairman - Volda Lawrence.