Do not rush to judgement To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 22, 2002

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After reading all the reports and letters so far concerning Mr Gaul and BWIA the letter in yesterday's issue of the Chronicle, written by one William Harding has really caught my interest and would like to say to him:

If you were a passenger on flight 431 I can accept your putting the other passengers down but if you were not I will have to believe the other passengers because they were there and to quote you sir, you are "dead wrong". You, like me are getting second hand reports and we all know how accurate that can be. Different people see the same incident at the same time but relate it differently later.

A strange omission in your letter is the alleged treatment meted out to Mr Gaul by members of the Barbados police and there might be some truth to what I read because if what I read is true why did BWIA have him sign some kind of document which would prevent him from suing.

I know for a fact the Barbados authorities can be quite rough sometimes because I experienced some of it a few years ago but I handled mine myself and had the offending worker removed and disciplined.

You mentioned Mr Gaul's nationality and the GHRA rushing to represent him. You are forgetting the tourism angle of it. If tourists are going to be treated that way by BWIA and the Barbados authorities en route to Guyana, they may decide not to come especially if that route is the most economical one. So Mr Harding please do not rush to judge and be so emphatic.
Nat Griffith
Bklyn, NY