Reality or perception To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 22, 2002

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It was galling (excuse the pun) to hear about the Gaul incident in which he was manhandled by the Barbadian police on an airliner in Barbados. Several persons have noted that Guyanese have had problems in Barbados and some other islands.

Guyanese see themselves or are seen as the Gypsies of the Caribbean. It is up to Guyanese to erase that image which unfortunately was created for political expediency and to reflect a perception that in some quarters still exists. It is an emotive issue and Guyanese must step back and ask why there is this perception. Are we treated any differently on other airliners serving the Caribbean - or are we treated as Caribbean people?

Guyanese must not be too hasty to jump up and make a noise about BWIA. It is the same BWIA that we used to `vote with our feetí and to create the impression that Guyana was a hellhole. We created a `Loah Nessí monster now we are trying to kill it. Is it reality or is it just perception?