Caribbean people have no respect for Caribbean people To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 21, 2002

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Once again, the only Caribbean airline that provides jetliner service to and from and within the Caribbean is coming in for the brunt of criticism for actions the Royal Barbadian Police Force (RBPF) did to a Swedish Citizen while the plane was on the ground in Barbados.

Agreed it was BWIA’s call to the RBPF for action that resulted in the manhandling of passenger Gaul and that manhandling was unfortunate. However, it is a comment that I heard on the local media that stirs my interest. The victim, Swedish Citizen Huborn David Gaul, is reported to have said, “Caribbean people have no respect for Caribbean people”. A truer statement has not been said by a Swede of Guyanese birth and African descent.

While there are ‘Little Caesars’ even among the Cabin crew on an airliner - one must render to Caesar, the things that are Caesars.

If indeed Mr Gaul had respect for Caribbean people, without regard to what happened on the way down from London, he should have followed the instructions of the ground staff. But no he displayed no respect for Caribbean people who asked him to board from the rear although he was earlier told to board from the front.

He protested. He was asked by the flight attendant to exhibit an acceptable form of behaviour. He displayed his `respect’ for Caribbean people by protesting again (this man is definitely Guyanese - did I say he was Swedish). He was then asked to disembark. He refused and protested even more and by this time, the other Caribbean people on board joined the protest displaying their `respect’ for Caribbean people (Hold on Mark Benschop and others will join the protest down the aisle a la Regent Street - it needs some direction - this confounded nonsense must stop. Call in Citizens against Police Oppression CAPO) Huborn David Gaul disrespected the Caribbean people on the Caribbean airline by refusing the captain and crew’s instructions, the ground handling agents instructions, the BWIA security officers instructions, so up comes Her Majesty’s finest in Barbados, the RBPF and guess what this Swedish citizen did.

Well, he completely refused to comply with the requests from the men in royal blue.

Sure what happened then was unacceptable but then, Caribbean people have no respect for Caribbean people!