Cooperation, not subjugation Letters to the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 20, 2002

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If half of what is said about the treatment of Guyanese by our Caribean neighbours are true, it must give Guyana pause about how close we become involved with them.

I have always got the impression that we "mud heads" were not well respected or liked by our CARICOM friends. I strongly suggest that Guyana avoid any political integration involvement whatsoever. Economic, cultural and international cooperation that serves Guyana with equal treatment and mutual satisfaction should be the extent of this cooperation.

Guyana's population is too small and divided to allow any significant immigration or political power be given to our more "sophisticated island brothers". It is interesting to note, their attitude is not limited to a particular group. Guyana must adopt an independent "continental policy" with links of mutual benefit with all states, but abused by none.

The Brazilian link and the expediting of some of the suggested projects will make Guyana a better place than any of these countries.

We must make our concerns clearly and forcefully and take reciprocal
action if necessary. A mud head is not necessarily a stupid head. We want cooperation not subjugation.

Augustus Says.