Reducing poverty and creating jobs Letters to the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 20, 2002

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There are many encouraging things in this yearís Budget 2002 but as a young man living and working in Linden and looking forward to the future I paid particular attention to some of the things said about reducing poverty and creating jobs.

I was growing up when the Bauxite Industry was declining. Several of my family members over the years that is the 1980ís lost their jobs bringing hardships to our families despite the actions by the Bauxite Workers Union. I well remember when one of my uncles was locked up along with other workers in the Police Station and were tear-gassed in the cells because they had taken part in the Union protest. Mr. Hoyte was President then.

I see efforts being made not only to revive Linden but to make it a prosperous town as well as the surrounding Region so that most people would want to stay and work and live there instead of going to Georgetown.

I am particularly interested in what is to be done under the Linden Economic Advancement Project or LEAP for short. It is a project, which we are told, will cost $2.2 billion and whose objective is to develop financial and non-financial business services with particular focus on Linden. Investments will also be made in infrastructure and very importantly I think in training facilities to encourage new investments.

My beloved parents and older brothers and sisters saw to it that I took in my education as they did and I am very grateful to them as with the new developments planned for Linden, I hope that I along with many others will be able to take full advantage of the increased opportunities for advancement that are to be provided.

I remembered here however that our President Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo when he had visited Linden telling us about this project. As I recollect, he said it was very important that we maintain the right environment and attitudes.

Raymond Wilson