We must teach them a lesson
Guyana Chronicle
March 19, 2002

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This letter is to let the BWIA know how it feels to be molested in the presence of other people and your family and younger kids.

I am very concerned about the recent incident in Barbados when an overseas-based Guyanese was manhandled in Barbados while on his way home.

I am an overseas-based Guyanese and it is because of the same reason that I never used the BWIA to get home.

Because of the treatment meted out to especially Guyanese passengers on that airline, I prefer to stay where I am or travel with another airline no matter how much money it costs.

We must let the Caribbean countries, especially Trinidad and Barbados know how we feel as human beings and deserve to be better treated. Let me also say that Guyanese are the best of the rest, and they must not mess around with us.

I wish to express deep concern at the way Mr. Gaul and his family were treated. If it is some sort of comfort to the Gauls, I will advice all other Guyanese and Overseas based Guyanese not to use the BWIA.

We should teach them a lesson and show them that Guyanese are not racial as others in the Caribbean. It is not good for Guyanese to pay large sums of money to travel on BWIA, only to be treated like pigs.
concerned citizen