Our nationals must be respected To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 18, 2002

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I have been residing in Barbados for almost five years now and due to the nature of my job I have to deal with the immigration authorities here almost every week. In addition, the police but on a more regular basis. It is not good enough that we have an Honorary Counsel here on the island and all that ever comes out of situations like what has happened to Mr Gaul is some 'as the head of the presidential secretariat puts it 'high level meeting'.

I don't think that our nationals are being properly represented inmatters which have been plaguing our people for years. The Barbados immigration authorities, Police Force and in some cases the Customs Department must be made to understand in no uncertain terms that we as a people would not tolerate being ill-treated and then some investigation into the matter/s commence and then we hear nothing more about same.

I am personally fed up with some of the stories that I hear from day to day. Guyana we need to do something so that our nationals would be respected where ever we go.

Some of the Bwee flight attendants are very rude. In fact, I enquired once when I was traveling home and was seated just behind the first class and the attendant very rudely said ' this entrance is only for 1st class passengers'. So many Guyanese support that airline but we are still being ill- treated.

Mr Rudy Insanally and Mr Roger Luncheon, it is time that something is done.

This situation in Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and some other of these little islands have been escalating and may soon get out of control.