Other ways to the top
Guyana Chronicle
March 16, 2002

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Basil Butcher is one of the finest batsmen that Guyana and the Caribbean have produced. But Basil Butcher, the cricketer must be separated from Basil Butcher, the politician.

Here is a record of Basil Butcher: Judge for yourself.

Basil Butcher could perhaps tell us about the group that broke up the guard movement after guard had spearheaded the drive for free and fair elections. That group later formed the Guyana Labour Party.

There is a mysterious association called Partners of America of which Basil Butcher is still a senior ranking member. Can Basil Butcher tell us how much money Partners of America raises and how those monies are spent? Basil Butcher would do well to disclose his interest in this association and whether he is paid a monthly salary by this civil society organisation.

Basil Butcher can also tell the public who had agreed to mash up the Guyana Democratic Party after the GLP had joined forces with Asgar Ally. Is it true that the break up took place because Asgar Ally could not raise the funds he had promised for the 1997 elections?

Basil Butcher needs also to tell the public why after the GLP joined with the WPA to form the Alliance for Guyana, he again abandoned ship, and whether this group was smashed up because it failed to get the five seats it was expecting to win. Is it true that Basil Butcher had wanted to be a parliamentarian but again was disappointed with failure and sulked like a bitter man?

Basil Butcher could have better used his cricketing skills and bat to train our youths rather than using his bat as a symbol for a political party.

Now Basil Butcher, encouraged by another disgruntled lot has once again surfaced, only to be beaten in a race for public office.

Poor Basil Butcher is now bitterly complaining. But he should remember that the way to the top is not only by helicopter but also by hard work and dedication.