Drivers should take serious note
Guyana Chronicle
March 16, 2002

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It was good to know or rather read, of an authentic scientific study to attest to the fact that music affects drivers and the way they drive. A Reuters report states, that drivers are likely to have more accidents when listening to fast tempo music, since they are more likely to take risks. The advise is therefore to lower the volume or chose slower tempo music.

It is my opinion then that the music played in mini buses and public transportation affects drivers, (I know for sure that it affects conductors) and therefore is a major contributory factor to the manner in which they drive.

Now most of the music played by our mini bus drivers have varying tempos, they are not only fast, so we are now able to get a better understanding of the stimulus for the way people drive on the road.

Earlier this year, mini bus conductors protested the Ministry of Home Affairs decision to relinquish the practice of loud music in public transportation, with particular reference to mini buses. Most thought, such action was inappropriate, thank God for the Reuters report where Warren Brodsky of Ben-Gurion University of Israel, presented his findings.

Drivers should take this seriously.