Against children’s Mash To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 6, 2002

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Last week I noted with sickening disgust an event referred to as “children’s Mash Parade”. I looked with disgust at the television reports and saw young children below the age of ten years wining and behaving in a vulgar manner.

The weekend on February 23, I saw adults doing the same and even worse. These two events taken together are teaching our children to behave in a vulgar manner and making them aware of sex in a dirty sense.

Children are in effect being taught and encouraged to behave the way loose adults behave. This is depriving them of the innocence of childhood which the children of every nation internationally are entitled to.

The government needs to review this whole idea of a children’s Mash and even what is being done at the Adult Mash. We condone these things and sit by silently saying noting, then we want to know why our children are no longer respectful and courteous.

It’s also no wonder that so many young children under the age of ten years are either voluntarily involved in sexual intercourse or are being interfered with by older adults against their will.

It’s events like the Mashramani celebration on February 23, and the Children’s Mash Parade that have nurtured this and produced this result. Why then do we complain that so many children everyday in this country are being molested or are experimenting unlike in the olden days.

I, therefore, call on all decent and upright citizens of this country to speak out against the Children’s Mash Parade and the vulgarity seen in breach of all the laws of Guyana at the Float and Costume Parade held on February 23.

And I further call on the Government to take immediate action to correct this situation. You have a duty to our children and all citizens to protect them from this lewdness.