Economic recovery programmes To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 4, 2002

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Mr. DaSilva's criticism of February 19, 2002 of Mr. Ramsaroop's letter of February 8,2002 headed "President should address the nation on plans for development) was unfounded. He noted that the programmes that Mr. Ramsaroop mentioned were somewhat far fetched. Mr. Ramsaroop noted in his letter asking the President if "we have exploited our strategic location as the only English-speaking country in South America or have marketed the vast Essequibo River as the gateway for transporting goods and services into and out the northern land locked regions of Brazil and the eastern areas of Venezuela.

If these ideas are so unrealistic as Mr. DaSilva put it, why then did the US Ambassador Mr. Goddard in his speech to the Critchlow Labour College used this statement as quoted in the Chronicle on February 20, 2002. "He said Guyana has a unique location in South America and can become the link between the North American market, the world's largest and Brazil, the world's eight largest on completion of the road from Lethem to Linden.

Being the only English-speaking South American country is also a distinct advantage for Guyana, he added." I guess the Ambassador is also in an unrealistic land that is also magical as Mr. DaSilva stated. At least it came from one of our own first.

I would like the President to address the nation specifically on the issues Mr. Ramsaroop raised in his letter. These are the type of programmes that will bring economic recovery to our nation.
Gordon Burnetth