Would-be leaders not accepted To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
March 2, 2002

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Much is being made of the qualifications, dedication and patriotism of Mr. Eric Phillips, a notable personality on the PNC/Reform platform for the March 19th2001 elections.

It is said in a letter in Stabroek News of 21/2/02 by Edmon H. Braithwaite that Phillips subsequently resigned from the PNC/Reform. But Phillips himself so far as I am aware, has not as yet made such an announcement.

According to the writer Eric resigned from the Reform a month after the elections because he was unwilling to betray his beliefs, values and promises to the Guyanese people as a co-founder of Reform.

We however remember that the PNC/Reform of which Eric Phillips was then a member told the Guyanese electorate that they had memoranda of understanding with investors who were willing to invest hundreds of millions of US dollars in Guyana but only if the PNC/Reform won the elections.

This is a strange example of commitment to the welfare of the Guyanese people by one so dedicated and of such high standards as portrayed by Mr. Edmon H.Braithwaite.

I think that the people of this country will not accept such would-be as leaders at any time.

John Da Silva