Forget power sharing
Guyana Chronicle
March 1, 2002

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Let us for the sake of discussion assume that power sharing was in place and the electorate is predisposed as it has been for the last forty three years, will this country experience an abandonment of racial voting, or will there be a further entrenchment of voting for your own?

An honest answer will reveal the inherent problem that power sharers must confront. Logically the question arises, and that is, what really is power sharing hoped to achieve? Certainly not overcoming the racial divide. I have often times advanced the belief that an honest conscientious and nationalist approach to politics in our country is all that is needed to make our existing system work. What obtains at the moment is unadulterated selfishness as personified by a leading politician whose every action is premised on achieving the presidency of this country at any cost, disregarding every conceivable protocol conveniently. The dishonesty is palpable, the anti- nationalism deplorable..

This then is the sorry state in which Guyana finds itself. As a people we have to confront this reality and be prepared to take corrective action. Again I have previously advanced the notion that time will be better spent on reeducating and emphasizing the importance upon the electorate the need to vote for a party based on performance rather than on ethnic preference.

Forget power sharing start constructive work by reeducating the electorate.

David DeGroot