BWIA ought to issue statement To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 27, 2002

Am I the only one who has found BWIA's silence deafening in the mail fiasco that has been just been discovered. I thought that such a prestigious airline in the interest of good neighbourly relations would have issued some kind of statement and an apology for what happened.

I am assuming they are going to say (which is fully warranted) there is an on going investigation but in fact something is desperately wrong when mail can be so easily tampered with and the so called security at Piarco airport could not have discovered it, STRANGE. I and others I am sure is awaiting a statement as well as charges laid and severe penalties handed out to the person or persons found guilty.

I am also wondering what is going to happen to persons who due to this problem had to suffer added monetary problems due to non-arrival of their mail? Example deadlines for payment of monies for different business transactions. Who is going to reimburse them? If BWIA did issue a major statement I stand corrected but my other questions still stand.
Nat Griffith

Bklyn, NY