Mash was a success To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
February 27, 2002

THERE were apprehensions to our Mashramani celebrations. Problems with Mash clashing with Eid-ul-Adha celebrations as well as confusion regarding the PNC/R Congress Place celebrations along with the National Park celebrations and a meager budget of $16M and the list may go on and on.

Mash was a success. Quite a number of persons were eager to witness the parade and were out there in great numbers. Participation was phenomenal and the designs spoke volumes in the light of potential. The design workshops sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport were evident in the costumes, which were on the road especially those by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Fisheries, Crops and Livestock.

There is hope for Mash, maybe we may get to the place to those days when over ten thousand people are out on the streets as part of the parade and not just being mere spectators. One thing may be vouched for however, is that the celebrations will get bigger and bigger once we continue to properly organise, finalise as well as garner the cooperation and support from the private sector as well as individuals in this country.

Everything leading up to Mash celebrations were well planned and organised and although there were some disappointments with Mash ‘warm up’ and the fall out on support expected from the private sector. Every other aspect of the celebrations was good to the last drop, the Calypso Competitions, the Children’s Costume Competitions, the National Steel Pan Competition and the list goes on and on.

All administrative regions must also be commended for their participation in the Mash celebrations especially in their individual locations. Some of these celebrations were unique to the general concept of what the celebration is all about, nevertheless time was taken to ensure we stop and celebrate our independence.

It is good to know also that although February 23rd has gone, there are quite a number of things, which are still to be done, before we bring the curtains down on the actual celebrations.

Congratulations to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, the Mash Management Committee, the other Ministries who took part, the private groups and organisations which participated as well as individuals who came out to make this day a success.

And for general information, the PNC/R float or whatever you would want to call it was a spectacle on Mash day. It boggles my mind to think that planning and PR was needed to get a music box and a handful of people to support them. The Mirror’s cartoon on social commentary was exemplary in spelling out exactly what the PNC/R’s parade was all about.

Famous Richmond